Maintenance, and Technical Services Divisions. MST hold weekly meetings to coordinate organizational 
goals, activities and ongoing operational initiatives. 

UOSA provides opportunities to consult with employees in new processes, innovations and designs 
before building through the use of design workshops that include participation from operations, 
maintenance, engineering, safety, environmental and finance personnel. 

UOSA utilizes an “open door policy” and suggestion program that provides opportunities for employees 
to find and fix inefficiencies, and to share ideas for solutions to problems. 

UOSA has established a multidisciplinary site Safety team, with participation from executive 
management that promotes an awareness and commitment to workplace safety. A safety suggestion 
program is also in place. In addition, Safety is incorporated into every employee’s annual performance 

UOSA holds employee appreciation events and annual awards banquets to celebrate exceptional 
achievements, plant performance and employee career milestones. 

UOSA has established periodic tracking of progress toward meeting goals and milestones and generates 
an annual Sustainability Report that includes performance against metrics established in the 
Sustainability Policy.  

UOSA has developed a Fiscal Sustainability Plan which incorporates the following elements: Critical 
Asset Management; Operation & Maintenance; Capital Improvement Program; Collection System 
Capacity, Management, Operation and Maintenance Plan; Reserve Maintenance; Flow projection; 
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report; and Water, Energy and Resource Conservation.. 

Performance Measures & Results:  

Your Performance Measure(s) 

Your Results (quantitative or qualitative) 

Number of sessions, number of people and type 
of workforce development activities conducted 
(e.g., trainings)  

Training hours per employee: Average of 32 hours per year 
per employee; 
WW Operator Certification coverage (%):  IWTP Operators 
License/# Required (29/1) x 100 = 2900%;  
WW Operator Certification % of Total Operators: IWTP 
Operators with License/Total # Operators (29/49) x 100 = 

Level of employee engagement in the goals and 
vision of the Utility of the Future business 

100%. Each employee is asked to state their individual goals 
and objectives annually; to identify training that would allow 
them to improve personal and plant performance; and to 
identify specific organizational or operational changes and 
management team assistance that would make them or the 
operations more effective; 

Number of open positions that internal 
candidates can qualify for, as a result of 
employee training and enrichment programs 

100% within Career Ladder: 


UOSA has established career ladders for employees in the 
following areas of the plant: Laboratory; Information 
Management Section; Capital Improvement Section; 
Operation & Maintenance Division; and Treatment Process 
Division. These unique career ladders provide a mechanism 
for staff to chart a path to develop their skills and 
knowledge and to be fairly compensated as their