With tie right organizational culture and modern technologies, it is now possible to think of wastewater 
treatment as a source of energy – rather than an energy consuming process. This is the philosophy at 
VCS Denmark’s, where focused determination by committed, empowered, and engaged staff to examine 
all processes involved has produced a result that significantly exceeds the utilities goal of energy-

In 2015, our largest treatment facility, the Ejby Mølle Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), reached an 
important landmark. Measured in kWh, Ejby Mølle WWTP produced more than 150 % of the energy it 
consumed,. The result was achieved with already existing technologies – by simply changing the mindset 
and empowering our staff to think differently and act boldly. 

VCS Denmark: Our Organizational Culture 

VCS Denmark - VandCenter Syd - is the third largest water and wastewater utility in Denmark, and our 
history as an enterprise dates back more than 160 years.  We are a limited company owned by two 
municipalities. This means we have special responsibilities and collaborate closely with the local 
authorities. We are known as a frontrunner within the sector. 

Our main operational activities include catchment, treatment and distribution of potable water and 
wastewater transport, treatment and disposal – and in recent years our activities have increasingly 
incorporated climate adaptation as well. We contribute to the protection and improvement of the 
aquatic environment and the development of green urban living.  

We share our knowledge and know-how with Danish and international partners. Our vision is to become 
a role model – locally, nationally and internationally. Our actions are shaped by our core values: 
responsibility; commitment; innovation and professionalism; loyalty and humour.  

We see ourselves as a part of a global world. We have a global mindset, both when it comes to our 
lasting footprint in the world - and when it comes to our dependence on others to achieve the best 
possible results. To us, being a responsible company is a fundamental strategic principle. We have 
committed ourselves to actively support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the 
United Nations, as well as the United Nations Global Compact principles. In the near future we will align 
our business strategy with the SDGs, and, if needed, implement new elements defined in the SDGs into 
our corporate strategy.  

For years, VCS Denmark has put a strong emphasis on being a responsible company and we report our 
efforts on Corporate Social Responsibility annually. Publishing of these reports is one of the items we 
highlight in this application. In 2016, we focus on the concept of sustainability and how we can 
incorporate this in our organization and in the contracts that we sign with contractors and 

Whether you call it SDGs, sustainability or responsibility, the challenges are akin: for VCS Denmark, it is 
all about how to act responsibly as a water and wastewater utility in terms of our impact, both locally 
and globally. We have to secure a future supply, take care of the environment, look out for our staff and 
recover resources from wastewater. As a publicly owned utility, we also believe that we have a