NARRATIVE: Charlotte Water (CLTWater) provides drinking water and sanitary sewer .services to nearly 
a million people in the Charlotte, N.C. region. Charlotte Water is a city department with strong interlocal 
agreements linking Charlotte, six other towns and Mecklenburg County to provide retail service.  
Expanding farther regionally, other agreements with neighbors provide for retail and/or wholesale 
service provision or receipt, including contract operation of five wastewater treatment  plants for 
adjacent Union County. Our organizational culture promotes the principles of Effective Utility 
Management throughout our operations.   
J.D. Power recently announced that Charlotte Water ranked 5th in the South Region in their 2016 Water 
Utility Residential Customer Satisfaction Study. Charlotte Water was the recipient of the 2015 
Sustainable Utility Management Award from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA). 
Charlotte Water's overall organizational culture is a culture of sustainability both now and for the future 
embracing innovation, inspiration and leadership in our community.  This can be seen in our mission and 
vision statement: 

Charlotte Water Vision: We will be the recognized leader in the region, state, and nation by contributing 
to the health, safety, and economic well-being of our customers; in protecting and conserving our 
natural resource and environment; and in providing for the growth and development of our employees. 

Charlotte Water Mission: We are committed to customer satisfaction and confidence by providing 
responsive services, reasonable rates, system capacity, and effective communication. We provide safe 
and sufficient drinking water by protecting, treating, and distributing drinking water. We protect the 
environment by collecting and treating wastewater, reusing residuals beneficially, and regulating system 

Charlotte Water's Leadership Team integrates strategic planning and budgeting process for overall 
business planning. This integration ensures that financial decisions are driven by a strategy that 
prioritizes the most pressing departmental issues while keeping in mind the triple bottom line. The 
business plan is aligned with City of Charlotte Focus Areas with these three sustainable aspects: 

Social Responsibility- Focus on Continuous Improvement- An early managed competition leader, we 
transitioned into continuous improvement through benchmarking, re-engineering, and embracing 
quality programs. With a Continuous Improvement Officer on our Executive Leadership Team, we hold 
corporate environmental ISO 14001, NELAP/ISO 17025,  and a quality ISO 9001certification, as well as 
participate in Partnership for Safe Water Phase 3. These programs have helped to engage employees 
from the grass roots level. In addition, we have strong active stakeholder partnerships in our community 
and regionally. 

Environmental Stewardship- Charlotte Water's commitment to the environment is focused on meeting 
the needs of our immediate community and region. This includes participation  and collaboration on 
regulatory policy, water management, and resource planning. 

Financial Management- Charlotte Water has maintained the highest credit rating with Moody's Investor 
Service, Standard and Poor's, and Fitch Ratings. The AAA and Aaa ratings are the highest available, and 
reflect the department's strong operation, management and financial planning.