In order for Charlotte Water to be truly successful now and in the future, we believe supporting and 
developing our employees is critical. Charlotte Water employs 822 people performing a wide range of 
operational and support services. Our "HECK" Guiding Principles (Honesty, Effort and Energy, Caring and 
Knowledge are laying the groundwork for a new level of internal and external transparency and are 
clearly communicating expectations for employees to work by. 

Charlotte Water is creating a culture that enhances our focus on customers, the environment and public 
health.  Charlotte Water provides opportunities for employees at every level of the organization to 
engage in department initiatives, programs, projects and teams. Employees contribute to the 
development of the business plan as part of its annual development and help identify needs for the 
following year.  Charlotte Water encourages collaboration and believes that employees across the 
department working on projects together provides for both knowledge sharing and innovation. 
Examples include implementation of new operational practices for procurement, emergency response 
procedures, recognition programs and leadership training programs. 

Charlotte Water supports and encourages employee involvement in the community, in professional 
organizations and in pursuing educational goals that enhance their personal and professional growth. 
Charlotte Water employees hold many leadership roles in professional organizations both locally, 
statewide and nationally. These leaders advocate for sound regulatory policies, implementing strong 
certification and training programs, and overall support of the water industry and environment. 

Charlotte Water believes that collaboration with our community and region is important to the health of 
our environment and promotes innovative solutions for the future.   We have maintained a strong 
relationship with local universities such as University of North Carolina Charlotte to engage both faculty 
and students in operations and research. This partnership provides the opportunity for students to learn 
about our industry and to allow us the ability to complete studies and research that can lead to 
improvements in our operation. 

Charlotte Water depends on hydropower reservoirs controlled by Duke Energy for water supply. The 
Catawba-Wateree Water Management Group (CWWMG) is a 501(c)(3) corporation consisting of 18 
public water supply utilities across two states along with Duke Energy. Its purpose is to identify, fund, 
and manage projects that help extend and enhance the capacity of the Catawba-Wateree River to meet 
human water needs while maintaining the ecological health of the waterway.  Charlotte Water was 
instrumental in forming this group in 2007 and provides leadership to the group. The CWWMG 
incorporated climate change as a factor in its recent Basin Wide Water Supply Master Plan which 
recommends actions to extend the capacity of the regional water supply from mid-century to beyond 
the year 2100. 

Charlotte Water supports economic development and our industrial community through a balanced 
industrial pretreatment program of regulation and customer service. Annually we reward industrial 
customers who demonstrate consistent compliance. In FY2016, 40 local companies were honored with 
Environmental Excellence Awards. This 19-year on-going recognition initiative builds positive 
relationships with our significant industrial users and incentivizes compliance. 

Through our five year Community Investment Plan (CIP) we identify and prioritize capital infrastructure 
needs essential to protecting public health and the environment. The five year plan balances projects 
that support community growth and maintenance of existing infrastructure while ensuring regulatory