Promote employee and leadership development- Job shadowing  program, Performance  
appraisal training  for  all supervisors (8, 4 week, one day session for over 120 supervisors), 
monthly   lunch  and  learn  meetings  for   technical   knowledge sharing,  recognition program 
developed for and by employees (included lunches for years of service and supervisory special 
recognitions  for  good  work).   


Formed  "green  team"  employee team to evaluate and propose internal sustainability 
measures - Held  internal   "conferences"   where   we   brought   in  external trainers for 
technical training to maintain certifications and professional  development  hours  which  
provided  1600  person- hours  of   training   last  year.      


Charlotte   Water   supports   an Operations Challenge Team that has competed nationally for 
the past few years. 


Charlotte Water encourages employees to utilize educational  reimbursement  to  further  
develop  skills and knowledge.  Through that program a number of employees have earned 
degrees ranging from high school GEDs to PhDs. 


Maintain stability in financial management by maintaining fund balance ratio of 50% of 
operating fund budget, debt-ta-PAYGO capital funding mix of 60-40 and debt coverage ratio of 
at least 2.0 - Met  target.   Revised the  rate  setting  methodology  to  enhance revenue  stability  
and sustainability - Documented  rate  and  fee setting methodology  into an easy to use 
guidebook.  Completed annual review and refinement of rolling 10 year model that considers 
customer growth, changes in operations, capital needs, and consumption.  Maintain  AAA bond 
rating for all three credit rating services.  Gained approval of water/sewer  rate increases 
consistent with long-term financial planning. 


Encourage Wellness – 3 Weekly organized employee exercise programs, wellness rooms at 
various locations with  workout  equipment,  department sponsored teams for various activities 
such as softball and Water for People SK.  Participate in City-wide wellness incentives to improve 
employee health and control health care costs. All utility owned property  is now tobacco free.  
Encourage employees to utilize City-provided "MyHealth  Clinics" for no-cost health 
coaching/health care/prescription  drugs. 


Reduce Risk Management  Exposure - Developed Community Investment  Program that  was 
supported by  master  planning  studies  in  both  water   and  wastewater. Rehabilitation and 
upgrade needs are tracked, planned, and implemented  with  collaboration  between  
operations  and engineering staff.  A critical assets team identifies  and routinely 
monitors/inspects  infrastructure considered "critical" based on vulnerability  and consequences 
of failure.   ISO 14001 and 9000 certifications  were successful externally  audited  with  zero 
non- conformances.   Achieved Phase 3 Level of Partnership for  Safe Water in the Water 
Treatment Plants. The ISO program includes a preventative  action committee  that develops 
programs centered on the sustainable SMs of Manpower,  Machinery, Material, Measurement, 
and Method. Storm water pollution  prevention  is one of the key focus areas of the 
preventative action committee. 




Board/executive management policy created, advocating beneficial biosolids use 


Business case evaluation conducted for beneficial biosolids use program