Indication of management commitment (e.g., energy efficiency standard operating procedures; 
board/executive management energy efficiency policy, including quantitative goals developed 
and shared with stakeholders)  


Energy audit/benchmarking conducted to identify priorities for energy efficiency improvements  


‘Energy teams’ established and individuals empowered within the utility for energy efficiency 
activities (e.g., an “energy advocate” or “energy champion”)   


Utilization of energy conserving operational methods (e.g., optimization of primary 
sedimentation to reduce utilization of pure oxygen) 

We have installed 100 sub meters on equipment at our wastewater plant to monitor energy use.  We 
are in the process of installing sub meters on equipment at 2 Water plants this summer. 

Performance Measures & Results 



Percent reduction in kWh/MG pumped WW: 13.7% since 2008 



Percent reduction in kWh/lb BOD removed: 26.4 % since 2008 





Indication of management commitment (e.g., standard operating procedures; board/executive 
management renewable energy conversion policy, including quantitative goals developed and 
shared with stakeholders)   


Internal energy sources evaluated (e.g., biogas, hydropower, heat in wastewater), and/or 
renewable energy sources evaluated on an ongoing basis (e.g., solar, wind, co-digestion)  


Conversion of digester biogas to electricity and heat, and/or transportation fuel Yes   


Solar panels, wind turbines, heat recovery, in conduit hydro, and/or hydroelectric power 
generation systems installed  

*Plan to evaluate feasibility of solar at water booster pump stations. 


Performance Measures & Results 



Anaerobic conversion of Soluble BOD to gas is used in our Incinerator: Part of the Master 
planning Study will evaluate Fuel cells and electricity generation from Biogas  



Biogas use in Incinerator currently: 48% of gas used is Biogas 



Solar panels installed on our public Transportation garage: Soon we will be selling power to 
Alliant Energy. 




Unified vision statement established that integrates water supply, water conservation, water 
recycling, runoff management, wastewater facilities planning, and infrastructure planning using 
a regional watershed approach.