Performance Measures & Results 



Number of people who attended a tour of the Water Resource Recovery Facility in the last 12 
months: 1504 



Number and type of formal recognitions of partnerships by outside groups: 29 



Percentage increase in Facebook “Likes” in last 12 months: 50% 



Presentations given each year to outside organizations and conferences: 12 




Indication of management commitment (e.g., energy efficiency standard operating procedures; 
board/executive management energy efficiency policy, including quantitative goals developed 
and shared with stakeholders)  


Energy audit/benchmarking conducted to identify priorities for energy efficiency improvements  


‘Energy teams’ established and individuals empowered within the utility for energy efficiency 
activities (e.g., an “energy advocate” or “energy champion”)   


Energy management-related training provided to plant staff 


Utilization of energy conserving operational methods (e.g., optimization of primary 
sedimentation to reduce utilization of pure oxygen) 

Utilization of energy conserving equipment wherever possible. 

Process optimization with real time Controls. 

Conduct and participate in research activities. 

Sub-metering conducted for critical process units and equipment. 

Participation in voluntary energy efficiency programs including Energy Star and Michigan Battle of the 
Buildings (U.S. Green Buildings Council – West Michigan Chapter) (2014, 2015, 2016). 

Waste heat recovery from Blower Building and Final Effluent. 

Participates in the DOE Better Building Program 

2nd place winner of the U.S. Green Buildings Council ‘Battle of the Buildings’ award by creating energy-
efficient practices in our buildings 

Performance Measures & Results 



Total Annual WRRF Electrical use ( kW/year):  
2015 – 21.097,600; 2016 (projected) – 20,881,856 



Total Annual WWRF Natural Gas Usage (CCF/year): 
 2015 – 205,456; 2016 (2016 projected) – 185,812  



Indication of management commitment (e.g., standard operating procedures; board/executive 
management renewable energy conversion policy, including quantitative goals developed and 
shared with stakeholders)