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Please provide information about your Wastewater & Biosolids Management Program:
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Please provide a short discussion in response to each of the following:
Do you or your organization have any prior experience with ISO certification programs, other quality management programs, or prior NBP training?
(If yes, please briefly describe in the comments section below.)
Are there any known public concerns with your biosolids management program?
(If yes, please briefly describe in the comments section below.)
Will your organization’s management commit the time and resources needed to refine your existing biosolids management operations to meet NBP requirements within the next 12-18 months?

Are private contractors involved with the management of your organization’s biosolids? If yes, in what role?

Why is your organization interested in participating in the NBP training program?
Will you seriously consider an independent third party audit of your Biosolids Management Program at the end of training? What concerns or questions do you have, if any, about having an audit?

Please provide any other information, comments, or feedback:
All applicants are required to submit a non-refundable application fee of $150.00. Applicants have the option to pay their application fee by credit card, or be invoiced. If you will be emailing your registration form, please note that an invoice will be forwarded to you under separate cover.
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Lisa McFadden
Water Environment Federation
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